The primary function of a BioBlitz is to document the biodiversity of a given area, often one of ecological interest. All branches of Biology are known to be involved in such events, but UCFC specializes in finding and identifying invertebrates.


To date, UCFC has participated in two BioBlitz events: The Wekiva Basin BioBlitz (Spring, 2012) and The Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area BioBlitz (Spring, 2013). Both of these journeys into the field yielded a wide breadth of collected invertebrate specimens preserved in 100% ethanol and currently being incorporated into the UCFC Insect Genomic Collection (UCFC-IGC) for the future use of inquisitive researchers, primarily involved in molecular studies. Additionally, specimens have been identified to at least a morphospecies level and number around 500 (approximately around 8% of how many species actually exists in the sampled areas). Perhaps, most importantly, these Blitzes have been used as a tool to give large numbers of undergraduates field experience, something noticeably lacking from most university experiences in the life sciences these days.

If you are interested in having the UCFC Invertebrate Team participate in your Bioblitz event or you would like to propose such an event, please contact Shawn (Sandor.Kelly [at] to receive or give more information. We look forward to working with you!