UCF Biology

Biology Field Research Center

In addition to the main Biological Sciences building in the center of campus, the Biology Department also maintains the Biology Field Research Center (BFRC). The BFRC is an integrated classroom and laboratory facility in the southwest corner of campus that greatly enhances biological research at UCF.  The center sits at the edge of a protected forested wetland (2 sq-km), and has convenient access to a greenhouse and replicate research ponds. Inside the BFRC are permanent laboratory facilities, a classroom and a 1000 sq-ft modular research space that can be rearranged to accommodate a variety of research needs. The communal facilities are available to both students and faculty interested in engaging in short or long-term research projects. The BFRC facilities include:

  • Ponds1300 sq-ft of permanent laboratory space
  • 1000 sq-ft of modular research space
  • Five 450 sq-ft storage bays
  • Office cubicles
  • 12 Percival incubators
  • 60 cattle tanks for aquatic experiments
  • Two flow tanks for aquatic experiments
  • Communal field / laboratory equipment
  • Access to replicate research ponds
  • Access to a greenhouse
  • Access to 2 sq-km of wetland forest
  • 24 seat classroom