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Christopher Parkinson

Research Area(s): Molecular evolution, phylo-geography, conservation, and systematics.


Dr. Parkinson’s research program focuses on understanding, describing and conserving the World’s biodiversity, both at the organismal and molecular levels. The foundation of his research lies in molecular phylogenetics thereby using genetic material (DNA) to hypothesize the evolutionary history of organisms or gene sequences. He then tries to infer which historical and/or current forces may have led to the organisms present day behavior, distribution, diversity, and ecology. The secondary area of his research program is conservation genetics, which uses genetics to investigate population level processes within threatened and endangered taxa. By utilizing the genetic data, we are able to suggest holistic management strategies to increase a species chance for survival.


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  • 1999 Parkinson, C.L.  The Molecular Systematics and Biogeography of the Subfamily Crotalinae as Determined by mtDNA Sequences. Copeia 1999 pp. 576-586.



  • Ph.D Environmental Biology, 1996 – University of Louisville
  • B.S Wildlife Biology and Field Botany, 1990 – Ohio University



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