UCF Biology

Master’s Program

The MS degree is based on courses and a research thesis that combine to build your skills as a scientist and biologist beyond your BS degree. Because you will work closely with a faculty advisor, it is essential that a consenting advisor is identified in your letter of application. Your thesis should lead to presentations at conferences and publication(s) in peer-reviewed journals. The department supports MS students with a teaching or research assistantship, tuition waiver, and health benefits as long as students make acceptable progress toward the degree.

Applications are submitted online and require a well-written letter of application, GPA>3.0, GRE>300, and three strong and explanatory letters of recommendation. Applications are due January 15 and enrollment starts in fall semesters. Before applying, we strongly encourage you to read this.

Three major official milestones exist during a MS thesis degree:

  1. A program of study, approved by the advisory committee. This lays out the courses to be taken.
  2. The thesis proposal defense. This consists of a public presentation of a research proposal followed by a meeting with the advisory committee.
  3. The thesis defense. This is a public presentation of the dissertation research, followed by an examination by the advisory committee about the thesis.

Our MS students go on to be employed in research and technical work in companies, agencies, and universities, or continue on for a PhD or other professional degree.

To download the MS handbook, click here.

Click Here for more details about the MS thesis degree.
Please note that MS thesis degree program is active and vibrant; however the MS NON-thesis degree program is no longer accepting applications.