UCF Biology

Travel Awards


The Department of Biology will issue student travel awards in the Fall and Spring in order to promote the participation of graduate students in research-related travel. Research related travel is defined as travel that facilitates research related activity (e.g. field work) or promotes scientific learning and enrichment (participation in a conference, workshop or lab visitation). The department will award at total of $8000 in grants, and each proposal may request up to $1000 in reimbursement of travel-related expenses (e.g.,registration, transportation and lodging). These awards are competitive and will be determined by a faculty selection committee.  

Selection and award mechanisms

Students will submit a one-page summary (12 pt. Arial font, 1 inch page margins) explaining the significance of the travel to the student’s research. A second page will include the student’s name, contact information, a detailed budget and budget justification. Deadlines will be announced each fall and spring semester.  A faculty committee will select the best applications.  Faculty will not evaluate students for whom they serve as major advisors.

Please contact the Graduate Coordinator for any additional information.

Ken Fedorka