Dr. Beckerson is a new postdoctoral research associate here in the Department of Biology who started in August 2020. He is a fungal geneticist whose research is focused on the proteins secreted by fungal pathogens to manipulate their hosts. Here at UCF, Dr. Beckerson is exploring the role of proteins secreted by Ophiocordyceps to zombify ants! In addition to genetics research, Dr. Beckerson is also active in pedagogical research and community science. He is interested in how social personality affects student performance and information retention in active learning classrooms, and is the co-creator of the Zombie Fungus Foray, a community science outreach initiative geared towards engaging K-12 students in the Biological sciences in Central Florida. One fun fact about Dr. Beckerson is that he has a tattoo to commemorate every international collaboration experience from his dissertation research. This includes the phrase “Je pense donc je suis” for his research at the Univeristé Paris-Sud in France, and a science themed beer stein for his research at the Universität Bochum in Germany.