UCF Biology

Ecology, Evolutionary and Conservation Biology Track

Ecology TrackThe Ecology, Evolutionary and Conservation Biology (EECB) track is designed for students to learn about biological systems ranging from the smaller scale processes that occur within cells up to, and including, larger scale processes that result in the diversity and dynamics of ecological communities.  This track emphasizes courses in genetics, taxonomic diversity, structural biology, ecology, evolution, and physiology.  Courses such as Conservation Biology, Population Genetics, Biogeography, and Evolutionary Biology introduce students to a solid understanding of the natural world.  Other courses such as Disease Ecology & Eco-immunology, specialized lab courses and experiential learning opportunities broaden the experience that students receive.  This track allows for significant opportunities for independent research working with professors and their graduate students in both laboratory and field settings. The EECB track prepares students for graduate study at any major university or immediate employment with local, state and federal agencies, with the private sector (e.g., environmental assessment firms), and/or privately-funded environmental and conservation organizations.


Download: Road Map Ecology Evolutionary and Conservation Biology