UCF Biology

General Biology Track

General Biology TrackThe General Biology Track represents the default track for Biology majors at UCF. All students that select the Biology major will be assigned into the General Biology Track until they select a different track in which to specialize. The General Biology Track is the most general of the Biology Tracks and only has the core Biology courses as required courses.  The remaining 22 hours are chosen from any of the upper division restricted electives, with a requirement that students take at least two lab courses and one class that focuses on plants and a second class that focuses on animals.  This track is appropriate for all professions that require a major in biology (e.g.http://whatcanidowiththismajor.com/major/biological-sciences/) and will prepare students for post-graduate education in professional or graduate school. Moreover, the classroom and laboratory courses will prepare students directly for the workforce in jobs associated with government field offices (such as Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission or Florida Department of Environmental Protection) or industry as a laboratory technician.  If you are unsure what you want to do with your major and/or want to choose from the variety of upper division electives that are part of the Biology curriculum, then staying in the General Biology Track may be appropriate for you.


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