UCF Biology

Marine and Aquatic Biology Track

Marine TrackThe Marine and Aquatic Biology Track provides students with the opportunity to focus on the study of living organisms in freshwater, coastal, and oceanic environments. This track is designed to give students a strong foundation in basic biological principles with a special focus on organisms that live in aquatic environments.  Students who successfully complete the Marine and Aquatic Biology Track will be well-versed in the issues of marine and/or aquatic ecosystems with an emphasis on conservation, restoration, and biological diversity. The track also allows opportunities for study abroad and independent research working with professors and their graduate students in both laboratory and field settings. Rigorous coursework and research experiences gained through this track will provide students with a competitive advantage in their graduate school applications.  This track can also help students seeking immediate employment with local, state and federal agencies or private companies and non-profit organizations specializing in resource management, fisheries, marine conservation, coastal restoration and aquarium husbandry.

Download: Road Map Marine Biology