Complete the COS Travel PreApproval Request (TAR) form.

Create the request in the name of the Group’s leader and select Group under Travel Request Type. The leader will receive all reimbursements and is responsible for disbursing reimbursement funds to the other travelers.

This is your best estimate of your travel expenses and does not need to be exact. It is better to estimate high if funding permits. If you are unsure of how to complete the form, make an appointment with your TPC and they will assist you.

Note: If group travel is international, all UCF affiliated individuals should complete the required documentation for all International Travel, refer to UCF Global’s website

  • Travel Authorization Petition (step 2)
  • Travel Registration (step 3)

Email the TAR and any supporting documentation to or create a Spend Authorization yourself in Workday.

Please also include:

Your TPC will create a Spend Authorization (SA) for your trip in Workday.

Once the SA is approved you may make your travel arrangements or work with your TPC, department staff member, or supervisor who will use their UCF Expense Card to make arrangements for you. Check Workday notifications or wait for an email from the TPC for notification that the SA is approved before making purchases.

It is recommended that we pay most items with a UCF Expense Card to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. We can typically pay for Registration, Airfare, Hotel, Car Rental, Presentation Materials, and Visas. Items like Meals and Parking will be reimbursed.

Travel expenses charged to a personal credit card cannot be reimbursed until the conclusion of the travel.

During Travel

Ask for and retain receipts for:

  • Hotel (folio)
  • Baggage Fees
  • Rental Cars
  • Rental Car gas and tolls
  • Taxi/Ride Share (tips capped at 20%)
  • Parking
  • Local Tolls (may be printed from your toll account)

Digital receipts are encouraged. Scan all paper receipts. Saving one receipt per page will speed up processing.

No receipts are needed for:

  • Meals: please submit flight times or travel itinerary so meals can be calculated
  • Mileage: please provide a map with the mileage listed

After Travel

Email all receipts to or Create an Expense Report linked to your Spend Authorization.

  • Complete and submit the Group Travel Roster form.
  • Please indicate in your email what was paid on a UCF Expense Card and what needs to be reimbursed. The TPC will review your SA to ensure your expenses were approved.
  • If travel was international:
    • The TPC will complete currency conversions if needed.
      • All items must be entered in US dollars.
      • Charges to your UCF Expense Card in other currencies will automatically be converted, no need to alter the charge currency.
    • The TPC will calculate Foreign Meal Allowance
      • Foreign meal allowance follows US State Department guidelines and may change each month.
      • If you choose to prepare the EXP yourself, please use the worksheet(s) for the month(s) of your travel found under Travel Payables on the Financial Affairs website.

Reimbursements are paid once your Expense Report (EXP) is fully approved. The leader is responsible for disbursing reimbursements as appropriate.

Note: Per the University’s Accountable Plan all reimbursements should be completed within 60 days or the charge or end of travel, whichever is later.