Guest speakers should be paid an honorarium in lieu of UCF booking their travel. If the department wishes to offer an honorarium and travel expenses the department may increase the honorarium to cover estimated travel costs.

Example: Honorarium is $1,000 + estimated travel ($500), offer $1,500 honorarium and no travel reimbursement. This allows the traveler to spend at their discretion, no travel receipts are needed.

If the guest speaker’s employer does not allow them to accept an honorarium, please contact your Budget Analyst and TPC to discuss available options.

A guest speaker receiving an Honorarium will be a Supplier in Workday.


  1. Contact your Budget Analyst to determine the honorarium amount and account(s) to use.
  2. Contact your Travel and Procurement Coordinator (TPC) to create the supplier record.
    • The TPC will work with the guest speaker to ensure the supplier record is active.
    • Foreign individuals require review by UCF Global before being entered as a supplier. This can be a lengthy process and they may be asked to complete several forms.
    • Foreign suppliers are paid via wire transfer.
  3. Communicate to Budget Analyst and TPC:
    • Speaking engagement details (date, time, etc.)Honorarium amountAny special instructions (see 6a and 6b below)
  4. The TPC creates a PO for Honorarium payment.
  5. The speaker may provide an invoice or the department can generate an invoice for the Honorarium on their behalf.
  6. Guest speaker is paid after the speaking engagement.
    • If the department prefers, payment can be split and partially paid before the speaking engagement.Please reflect any pre-payment by providing a separate invoice for each payment.