Job candidates are External Committee Members in Workday.


  1. Department staff communicate with the search committee and the candidates. They work with the search committee to create an agenda and compile the information needed.
    1. Completed forms and draft agenda are sent to Finance Business Center intake email:
    2. Travel and Procurement Coordinator verifies the candidate in Workday, creates Spend Authorization, books flights and hotel.
    3. TPC provides reservation details to the Department so they may finalize the agenda and provide details to the candidate.
    4. Department staff communicates with the candidate during/after the visit to request any receipts needed for reimbursement (if applicable) and provides those and the final agenda to the TPC via intake email:
    5. TPC processes reimbursement.

    There is an additional requirement if a candidate is a foreign national and receiving reimbursement. In those cases, we need to request wire information as UCF will no longer mail checks internationally. The TPC will need contact information for the candidate so they may work with them to complete the needed forms.