Hurricane update

As you all know (or so we dearly hope), there is a massive storm passing through the Caribbean and on its way towards Florida. Depending on the path and effects of the storm, events such as football concessions on Friday and the meeting on Monday might be cancelled. We will let everyone know as soon as we have enough information.

More important is the safety of every one of you and those you know. Please make sure that you have taken the necessary precautions such as, but NOT limited to:

  • Stocking up on water and easy-to-prepare food for you, your family, and pets if you have any
  • Have things like flashlights/lanterns/candles handy
    • With extra batteries, matches, lighters, etc.
  • Board up your windows
  • Fill your cars up with gas
  • Withdraw cash from your bank accounts
  • Evacuate if need be

Be safe!