Current areas of focus:

Synthesis of catalytically-relevant inorganic coordination compounds by mechanochemistry (ball milling):

  • “One-Pot, One-Step Precatalysts through Mechanochemistry” T. E. Shaw, L. Mathivathanan, T. Jurca,* Organometallics, (2019) 38, 4066-4070
  • “Mechanochemical Routes for the Synthesis of acetyl- and bis-(imino)pyridine Ligands and Organometallics” T. E. Shaw, L. R. Shultz, L. R. Garayeva, R. G. Blair, B. C. Noll, T. Jurca,Dalton Transactions, (2018) 47, 16876-16884 (cover article)

Transition-metal mediated catalysis in service of organic chemistry: current collaboration with Tiow-Gan Ong, Academia Sinica, Taipei ROC

  • “Nickel Carbodicarbene Catalyzes Kumada Cross-Coupling of Aryl Ethers with Grignard Reagents through C-O Bond Activation” R. Ambre, H. Yang, W.-C. Chen, G. P. A. Yapp, T. Jurca,* T.-G. Ong,* European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, (2019) 3511-3517
  • “One-Pot Tandem Photoredox and Cross-Coupling Catalysis with a Single Pd-Carbodicarbene Complex” Y.-C. Hsu, V. C.-C. Wang,* C.-Y Tsai, C.-C. Chang, B.-C. Lin, A.-Y. Ka-Chun, Y.-T Chan, C.-P. Hsu, G. P. A Yap, T. Jurca,* T.-G. Ong,*  Angewandte Chemie International Edition, (2018) 57, 4622-4626

Aqueous-phase heterogeneous catalysis: understanding the mechanisms of reduction reactions and improving current catalyst screening methodology:

  • “Using a Nitrophenol Cocktail Screen to Improve Catalyst Down-selection” L. R. Shultz, L. Hu, X. Feng, T. Jurca*, ChemPhysChem (2020) 21, 1627-1631 (Very Important Paper, Highlighted by ChemistryViews)
  • “A Combined Mechanochemical and Calcination Route to Mixed Cobalt Oxides for the Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitrophenols” L. R. Shultz, B. McCullough, W. J. Newsome, Haider Ali, T. E. Shaw, K. O. Davis, F.J. Uribe-Romo*, M. Baudelet*, T. Jurca* Molecules, (2020) 25, 89 (cover article)
  • “A Broader-scope Analysis of the Catalytic Reduction of Nitrophenols and Azo Dyes with Noble Metal Nanoparticles” L. R. Shultz, L. Hu, K. Preradovic, M. J. Beazley,* X. Feng,* T. Jurca,* ChemCatChem, (2019) 11, 2590-2595 (cover article)

Materials for Photovoltaics: current collaboration with Kristopher Davis and Parag Banerjee, UCF MSE

  • “A Comprehensive Evaluation of Contact Recombination and Contact Resistivity Losses in Industrial Silicon Solar Cells” M. Li,* N. Iqbal, N. K. Pannaci, C. Avalos, X. Lin, Z. Yang, T. E. Shaw, T. Jurca, K. O. Davis, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, in press
  • “Millisecond Lifetime Passivation for Silicon Solar Cells using Atomic layer Deposited Molybdenum Oxide with a Thin Aluminum Oxide Interlayer” G. Gregory, C. Feit, Z. Gao, P. Banerjee, T. Jurca, K. O. Davis* Physica Status Solidi a, (2020) 2000093 (cover article)