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CHM 2040: Chemistry Fundamental

CHM 2041: Chemistry Fundamentals I

CHM 2045: Chemistry Fundamentals I

CHM 2046: Chemistry Fundamentals II

Miscellaneous Downloads

  1. P. Patiño, F.E. Hernández and S. Rondón.  Reactions of O(3P) with secondary C-H bonds of saturated hydrocarbons in non-equilibrium plasmas. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 15, 159 (1995).
  2. P. Patiño, M. Ropero and D. Iacocca.  Reactions of O(3P) with  aromatic compounds in the liquid phase. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 16, 563 (1996).
  3. P. Patiño, L. D’Ornelas, L. Hernández de Bastianoni, L. Lara, Y. Urdaneta and D.N. Waters. Raman and infrared spectra of of  [HB(3,5-Me2pz)3]ZrCl3 and [HB(3,5-Me2pz)3 ]Zr(OSiPh3)Cl2, (pz=pyrazolyl, M=Zr, Hf). Vibrational Spectroscopy 15, 163 (1997).
  4. P. Patiño, N. Sánchez, H. Suhr and N. Hernández. Reactions of non-equilibrium oxygen plasmas with liquid olefins. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 19, 241 (1999).
  5. P. Patiño, Treatment of water product of oil wells drilling. Información Tecnológica 10, 41 (1999).
  6. P. Patiño, Pilot plant treatment of oil industry effluents, Información Tecnológica 11, 109 (2000).
  7. G. Escobar, P. Patiño, S. Acevedo, O. Escobar, M. A. Ranaudo and J.C. Pereira. Interfacial properties of the products of ozonolysis of Hamaca Crude Oil. Petroleum Science and Technology, 19, 111-122 (2001).
  8. G. Gambús, P. Patiño, B. Méndez, A. Sifontes, J. Navea,  P. Martín,  and P. Taylor.  Oxidation of Long Chain Hydrocarbons by Means of Low Pressure Plasmas. Energy & Fuels 15, 881 (2001).

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