Qun Treen Huo (Ph.D.) is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and NanoScience Technology Center at University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida. Her current research focuses on the development of new analytical and diagnostic technologies to address the health issues of humans, animals, and agriculture plants. Her laboratory has developed a rapid blood test to measure the immune health of humans and animals. She collaborates extensively with biomedical scientists, medical doctors, animal scientists, veterinarians, and plant scientists to develop innovative solutions for practical and challenging problems.

Dr. Huo received her B.Sc. degree in polymer science from University of Science and Technology of China (1991), M.Sc. degree in chemistry from Sun Yatsen University (1994), and Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from University of Miami (1999).

Areas of Research

In our laboratory, we developed a new gold nanoparticle probe-based single-step, label-free, and washing-free biomolecular assay platform. Target molecules and species including proteins, DNAs, and infectious pathogens such as viruses and bacteria are detected by monitoring the gold nanoparticle aggregate formation using dynamic light scattering. We are currently using this assay platform to develop new diagnostic and screening tests for infectious diseases and early cancer detection. Our research aims to reveal both fundamental understanding and practical applications that will benefit both human and animal health management and infectious disease control.

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