Planetary Simulant Database: UCF/DSI CM v1 prototype

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Mineral Wt.%
Lizardite 70.0
Magnetite 10.0
Olivine 7.55
Sub-bituminous coal 3.50
Sodium metasilicate 3.45
Pyrite 2.50
Pyroxene 2.00
Siderite 1.00

Bulk Chemistry

No data available

Physical Properties

No data available

Simulant Name: UCF/DSI CM v1 prototype (UCF/DSI-CM-1)
Current Status: No longer available
Developed By: UCF & Deep Space Industries
Available From: N/A
Publications: DSI Spec Sheet

The UCF/DSI CM v1 prototype was a general purpose asteroid regolith simulant based on the Murchison CM carbonaceous chondrite. Version 1 used an unaltered slag grit instead of cronstedite, but the improved version 2 uses Mg-serpentine as a cronstedtite substitute.

To produce the simulant, individual mineral components are sourced and prepared, then mixed together with water and sodium metasilicate that acts as a binder. The resulting mixture is dried to remove the water, then mechanically ground in a rock crusher to achieve the desired particle size distribution.

The simulant is being produced as part of a NASA SBIR grant to create realistic asteroid simulants, and will soon be available in a variety of physical forms (regolith, unmixed powders, etc.) from Deep Space Industries.

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