Planetary Simulant Database: FROST-Y

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Component Wt.%
Anorthosite 83.01
Glass 8.98
Water Ice 5.58
Sulfur 0.91
Basalt 0.60
Pyroxene 0.36
Coal 0.27
Olivine 0.20
Ilmenite 0.08
Simulant Name: FROST-Y Lunar Volatile-Rich Simulant
Current Status: Available
Developed By: University of Central Florida
Available From: CLASS Exolith Lab
Spec Sheet:
Publications: N/A

FROST-Y is a frozen, volatile-bearing lunar simulant, part of the specialty ‘Y-series’ of simulants developed by the Exolith Lab. It is meant to represent volatile-bearing regolith found at the lunar poles in permanently shadowed regions.

By default, the 6.8% concentration of volatiles is based on the results of the LCROSS experiment that indicated 5.6 ±2.9 % water ice plus other sulfur- and carbon-bearing contaminants.


Photograph of FROST-Y: