Planetary Simulant Database: KOHLS-1/KAUMLS Korean Lunar Simulants

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No data available

Bulk Chemistry

Oxide Wt.%
SiO2 54.56
TiO2 0.7
Al2O3 16.73
MnO 0.18
MgO 2.32
CaO 5.44
Na2O 2.28
K2O 3.38
P2O5 0.21
Total 91.48

Physical Properties

No data available

Simulant Name: KOHLS-1/KAUMLS Korean Lunar Simulants
Current Status: Unknown
Developed By: Hanyang University; Korea Aerospace University
Available From: N/A
Publications: Yoo, S.-H. et al. (2014), Development of KAU Mechanical Lunar Simulants and Drop Test of Lunar Landing Gears. J. of the Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, 42, 1037-1044.

The documentation for these simulant(s) is confusing: multiple references are made to a simulant called KOHLS-1, or Koh Lunar Simulant (also called Korea Hanyang Lunar Simulant). There seems to be no dedicated publication describing this simulant. The only known data are the bulk chemistry in Table 1 of Yoo et al. (2014; in Korean), describing a Korea Aerospace University Mechanical Luna Simulant (KAU, or KAUMLS). It isn’t clear if KOHLS-1, developed at Hanyang University, is the same as KAUMLS. However, the photo of KAUMLS (below) looks quite similar to a photo of KOHLS-1 in a PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Tai Sik Lee of Hanyang University, given at the International MoonBase Summit.


Photograph of the KAUMLS simulant from Yoo et al. (2014):

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