Planetary Simulant Database: MKS-1

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No data available

Bulk Chemistry

Oxide Wt.&
SiO2 52.69
TiO2 1.01
Al2O3 15.91
FeO 12.28
MnO 0.22
MgO 5.41
CaO 9.36
Na2O 1.9
K2O 0.58
P2O5 0.14
LOI 0.5
Total 100

Physical Properties

No data available

Simulant Name: MKS-1
Current Status: Unknown
Developed By: Shimizu Corporation?
Available From: N/A
Publications: N/A

There is some uncertainty regarding this simulant. Materials from simulant workshops list MKS-1 as a low-Ti mare simulant developed by Marshall Space Flight Center, and reference ‘Carpenter 2005’. A PowerPoint presentation from a 2005 ISRU workshop by Paul Carpenter of Marshall compares several lunar simulants, and on a supplementary slide gives a bulk chemistry for ‘MKS-1’, reproduced here. This is the same chemistry listed for MKS-1 in a paper describing CAS-1, and the authors cite Kanamori et al. 1998. Kanamori et al. 1998 describes the FJS line of simulants, but makes no mention of an ‘MKS-1’. Other sources cite Kanamori et al. 2000, a conference paper titled ‘Study on the Utilization of Lunar Resources’. We could not track down a copy of this study.

It appears then that MKS-1 may have been another simulant produced by the Shimizu Corporation in Japan, but its nature (other than a bulk chemistry) and status are unknown. It seems unlikely this simulant has anything to do with Marshall.

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