Planetary Simulant Database: Oshima Simulant

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Component Abundance (%)
Basalt 85
Ilmenite 8
Forsterite 7

Bulk Chemistry

Element Wt.%
Si 36.31
Ti 5.81
Al 11.71
Fe2+ 8.17
Fe3+ 14.42
Mg 7.42
Ca 12.15
Na 2.71
K 0.64
Mn 0.49
P 0.08
S 0.01
Total 100.00

Physical Properties

Property Value
Mean grain size 88 μm
Simulant Name: Oshima Simulant
Current Status: Unknown
Developed By: Shimizu Corporation
Available From: N/A
Publications: Sueyoshi, K. et al. (2008), Reaction Mechanism of Various Types of Lunar Soil Simulants by Hydrogen Reduction. 11th Biennial ASCE Aerospace Division International Conference on Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments.

Oshima Simulant is also referred to as “Oshima Base Simulant”, but this may be a misinterpretation in that “base” refers to the Oshima lava that makes up the bulk (or base) of the simulant. Oshima was developed by the Shimizu Corporation and is similar to the FJS-3 simulant produced by the same company, although with slightly less added olivine.

If the production methods for Oshima were the same as the FJS- series, then the raw materials were progressively crushed finer until the desired particle size distribution was obtained. The amount of Oshima produced, and its fate, are unclear.

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