Media Experts
The Nicholson School of Communication faculty are subject matter experts in various fields of communication research. Click on the research fields below to contact a member of our faculty.

Activist Use of Social Media
Aesthetics in Film, Television and Photography
Broadcast Regulation
Business and Professional Communication
Cognitive Processing of Mediated Messages
Cognitive Processing of News Stories
Cognitive Processing of Mediated Messages:
Communication and Bereavement
Communication Law
Communication Technology
Conflict Communication
Corporate Social Responsibility
Crisis Communication
Cyberterrorism and Terrorism Communication
E-Commerce and Online Marketing
Effects of Advertising
Electronic Journalism
Environmental Communication
Family Communication
Environmental Communication:
Food Journalism
Government Health Policy
Health Campaigns
Health Communication
Hispanic Media
HIV-Related and African-Related Health Communication
Intercultural Communication
Interpersonal Communication
HIV-Related and African-Related Health Communication:
Journalism Education
Journalism Ethics
Journalism History
Media Effects on Society
Medical Team and Doctor-Patient Communication
Motivational Communication
Newspaper Readership
Nonverbal Communication
Organizational Communication
Perceptions of Radio
Prescription Drug Advertising
Public Relations Strategies and Stakeholder Relations
Prescription Drug Advertising:
Public Speaking
Reputation Management
Social Media
Social Psychology and Communication
Stereotyping and Stigmatization of Groups
Women in Media