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NSC Faculty Continue Service in Faculty Senate

September 5, 2017

The Nicholson School of Communication has four faculty members serving on the UCF Faculty Senate, an important legislative body, to provide academic oversight by reviewing and approving policies, new courses, course changes, new programs and program revisions. The Senate is an advisory body to the president and provost and, as such, participates in shared governance. Melissa Dodd, Ph.D.; Ann Miller, Ph.D.; Jennifer Sandoval, Ph.D. and Timothy Sellnow, Ph.D., all serve on the senate and a few senate committees.

“Faculty Senate has provided me the opportunity to build bridges across the university and have a better sense of how the university operates,” said Sandoval, who is an associate professor and the communication and conflict program coordinator. “I am able to have a small voice in recommendations for policy change and be a well-informed member of the campus community.”

Sandoval serves on the University Graduate Curriculum Committee, Dodd and Miller serve on the Budget and Administrative Committee and Sellnow serves on the Graduate Program Review and Awards Committee. As senators, they serve as the main channel of communication between faculty and administration.

“We initiate policies and make recommendations, serving as an advisory body to the president and provost,” said Dodd, who is an assistant professor of advertising and public relations. “The Faculty Senate and committees directly impact the welfare and general day-to-day operations at UCF.”

Dodd has just started her second year of her term, which will end in 2018. Miller and Sandoval have just begun their second term that will finish in 2019. Sellnow is serving a three-year term that will conclude in 2019.

The Senate is composed of 75 elected members, selected from the general faculty. Members represent each college of the University of Central Florida and the University Libraries. For more information, please visit UCF Faculty Senate website here.