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NSC Staff Recognized for UCF Service

October 27, 2017


Debbie Doyle

NSC is proud that Debbie Doyle, Shameika Daye, Rebecca Morales and Kim Tuorto were celebrated at the 45th Annual Employee Awards Program. UCF Human Resources annually recognize the many dedicated employees who make UCF an excellent environment. Awardees included USPS and A&P employees who celebrated years of service anniversaries, as well as this year’s retirees.

Doyle celebrated five years of working at UCF, while Daye, Morales and Tuorto all celebrated 10 years at UCF. Daye is just happy to do what she can.

Shameika Daye

“I enjoy being able to work with the students here at UCF, and my 10 years as an employee have meant so much to me,” said Daye, who serves as coordinator of academic programs. “As an alumna and staff member, I love UCF and do all I can to contribute to its learning environment.”

Additionally, Doyle, Morales and Tuorto were nominated for awards. Doyle was nominated for the Advocate Leadership Award for her efforts as a campaign advocate during the 2016 UCF United Way campaign. She was nominated for her leadership, creativity, innovation and advocacy during the campaign.

“I am honored to have been nominated,” said Doyle, who is NSC’s coordinator of administrative services. “It’s not about the award or recognition; I’m just glad I was able to participate in the campaign.”

Rebecca Morales

Rebecca Morales

Morales and Tuorto were nominated for the Gabor A&P Excellence Award, which rewards the outstanding job performance of a selected Administrative & Professional (A&P) employee. Morales was rewarded for 10 consecutive years at UCF, although she has worked at UCF for a total of 15 years.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for my service to UCF,” said Morales, who serves as assistant director of advising and student services. “Being able to serve the students and faculty of the Nicholson School of Communication has been the highlight of my 15 year career at the university. My greatest joy in life is seeing my students succeed at UCF and beyond.”

Tuorto Kim

Kim Tuorto

Tuorto shared the same sentiment.

“I’m so grateful to be part of the Nicholson School of Communication,” said Tuorto, who is the assistant director of academic programs. “NSC has such a deep commitment to its students and pushing boundaries that will allow them to succeed after graduation. I do what I can to help that end goal.”

Boyd Lindsley, who serves as NSC’s deputy director, said NSC is dependent on staff members like Daye, Doyle, Morales and Tuorto.

“NSC is most fortunate to have a wealth of impressive and professional administrative staff,” said Lindsley. “The staff of NSC are some of the most committed, caring and creative staff in the university. Collectively, Shameika Daye, Debbie Doyle, Rebecca Morales and Kim Tuorto have committed nearly 40 years of collective service to UCF. Their support of the school’s mission, faculty and future are crucial to the success of the school. There are many reasons I am proud of the Nicholson School, chief among them is the skilled, dedicated and loyal staff that I have the privilege of working alongside every day.”

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