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From NSC to Studio 6B

September 29, 2017

Nicholson School of Communication senior Zack Levine went all out to apply for an internship with Jimmy Fallon of NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

Levine, who is a radio-television major, learned to play the guitar during the summer, performed lyrics he wrote and made a short film to gain Fallon’s attention.

“I wrote a rough draft of the lyrics in February,” said Levine, who is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “I then discovered I could pair them with Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Balls in Your Mouth’ song, which his team released on ‘Late Night’ more than five years ago, protesting the BP oil spill.”

Levine uploaded his video, which can be found here, to his YouTube account. The video earned more than 1,000 views in two weeks.

Levine earns high praise from Stephanie Rice, an associate instructor of radio-television and radio-television program coordinator.

“Zack is a determined young man with a clear vision about his career direction,” Rice said. “It comes from his love of television production and comedy. He does stand-up as a hobby and is funny. ‘Why not learn from one of the best?’ is his attitude.”

Levine says he is a huge fan of all late-night comedy but Fallon is his favorite. “He is an influence to me as I’m sure he is to thousands of other college students looking to get into comedy or late night,” Levine said.

Levine made sure to see Fallon’s live show taped at Universal Studios in April, and enjoyed every minute of it. “Fallon is just such a powerful presence,” said Levine. “To be in the same room with him was incredible. We got so lucky because seating at these shows is random, and we got front-row spots.”

And now he’d like another front-row seat, working with Fallon.

This story originally appeared on Orlando Sentinel’s website here.