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NSC’s Gino Perrotte Named FCA Teacher of the Year

November 2, 2015

The Nicholson School of Communication (NSC) is proud to announce that Human Communication Instructor Gino Perrotte was named FCA Teacher of the Year at the 2015 Florida Communication Association (FCA) Conference. The recognition honors outstanding, demonstrated teaching and service excellence and is awarded to a qualifying, full-time teacher of communication in the state.

Perrotte was completely surprised to receive news of the award. He said, “I am very happy about the award. I love teaching and being in the classroom with students, and I appreciate knowing that what I enjoy doing is recognized and valued.”

In a nomination letter sent in August by NSC Associate Instructor Shari Hodgson, she describes Perrotte as “one of the most accomplished and dedicated faculty members I have encountered in my twenty five years of teaching. I have marveled at Gino’s ability, effort and natural talent in instructing and developing curricula materials for myriad different communication areas while supervising graduate teaching associates’ training.” However, most importantly, Hodgson was impressed as to “…Gino’s level of commitment to his students’ receiving the highest standard of education for the purpose of enhancing their future opportunity to be productive global citizens.”

Hodgson points out that, in addition to Gino’s teaching excellence, he has for four years been an active member of the NSC General Education Program (GEP) team, providing curriculum and instructional methods for a Large Lecture team in which he supervises, trains and acts as lead instructor. He is also responsible for conducting and reporting the student learning outcomes required by the Nicholson School’s GEP Assessment Plan process. She said Gino’s innovative spirit has helped design and implement the assessment processes that measure performance of approximately 5,500 students per year in NSC’s GEP program.

Continuing in her recommendation, Hodgson relayed, “Gino’s initiative does not stop at teaching.  He authored several articles for UCF textbooks. ‘Suited for Success’ was published in our speech textbook, and ‘Culture and Diversity: A Closer Look at Our World’ was publish in the UCF’s Strategies for Success SLS 1501 textbook. These chapters expand upon crucial concepts touched upon in our public speaking class: projecting a professional nonverbal image and diversity inclusiveness.”

Nicholson warmly congratulates Instructor Perrotte on receiving this wonderful recognition of his work, dedication and service!

(Also at the October conference, Nicholson undergraduate students Milka Derisma and Calla Hoornstra won FCA’s crowd appeal award for their poster presentation on gender roles in children’s books. Their work was supervised by NSC’s Associate Lecturer, Christine Hanlon, Ph.D.  We’ll be featuring a story on their project in the next issue of the newsletter.)

“I love teaching and being in the classroom with students, and I appreciate knowing that what I enjoy doing is recognized and valued.”