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Oxley Easily Embraces Change

November 20, 2017

Eve-Lyndssa Oxley is no stranger to change. As an admission specialist for the Nicholson School of Communication, no two days are the same and she manages to handle everything smoothly. She does the same in her personal life. After planning what would be one of the most memorable days in her life, Oxley was forced to deal with a very big change.

She spent months planning a September wedding with her then-fiancé, Chris Oxley. Her ceremony and reception were supposed to be in South Florida. However, Hurricane Irma, one of the biggest hurricanes the U.S. has ever seen, was about to storm through the entire state of Florida. South Florida was being evacuated, so Oxley and Chris decided to postpone their celebration with family and friends for a smaller, private ceremony. Their church also threw a surprise celebration for the newlyweds here in Orlando. In just two days, a group of church members organized a small party at one of their houses. Although Oxley wasn’t able to have the ceremony she planned, she was happy just to celebrate.

“The most important part is two people getting married and you don’t need a big party to do that,” said Oxley, who began working at UCF in 2013 as a peer mentor. “But it is nice to celebrate and we wanted to spend some time with our family and friends.”

Oxley’s honeymoon plans to cruise through the Caribbean were also cancelled because of the hurricane. Instead, she and her husband decided to have a “stay-cation” here in Orlando a few weeks later.

“We stayed at a hotel on International Drive that we had never been to,” said Oxley, who graduated from UCF in 2015. “We already took time off from work so we seized the opportunity to become tourists of our city. We enjoyed exploring new restaurants and activities.”

Though Oxley is good at handling change, she is also strategic in her personal and professional life. She has a bachelor’s degree in public administration from UCF, but would like to really focus on public affairs as well and plans to pursue a master’s degree in public administration. She, however, won’t do that until after she is fully adjusted to the changes in her life.

“My husband and I want to get used to our new life before we tackle anything else,” said Oxley.

Oxley’s husband, Chris, is no stranger to NSC. In fact, they met while they both worked in the Nicholson Academic Student Services Center. Jane Ingalls, who serves as an office assistant for NSC’s administrative suite, has seen them grow over the years.

“They have always been like two matching bookends,” said Ingalls. “It was interesting to see how engaging their conversations were and how well their personalities matched each other.”

With all of the changes she has to deal with, Oxley enjoys that some things stay the same. They participate in physical activities, such as martial arts and UFC conditioning classes, to stay in shape and spend time together. While she isn’t sure what changes may come next, Oxley is excited to embrace each one.