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NSC’s Rebecca Morales: Always Raising Morale

February 27, 2018

Many NSC students are familiar with the Nicholson Academic Student Services Center. Students are often referred to this office for questions regarding study abroad, admission into limited access majors and more. Many times, students will end up speaking with Rebecca Morales, who is managing director of advising and student services.

Morales has worked in NSC for nine years and was one of the first advisors in NASSC. In her role, she supports many of the administrative goals of NSC and continues to support the students that come into NASSC.

“Rebecca went to work and created the advising office that thousands of NSC students have passed through since 2009,” said Jane Ingalls, who is an office assistant and previous undergraduate admissions expert in the Nicholson School of Communication.

“Rebecca is one of the most proficient advisors that this campus has ever had,” said Ingalls. When a student sits down for advising with Rebecca, that student can rest assured that they are going to receive the best advice and direction possible.”

Morales particularly gets a lot of joy from working so closely with students; she has always enjoyed working with students through their collegiate careers and considers it a reward.

“It really confirms that the work we do in advising does make an impact in students’ lives,” said Morales, who is an alumna of the Advertising/Public Relations program in NSC. “The greatest joy is knowing that whatever we did to help them solve the puzzle, worked and helped them find success. It’s about seeing them shine. We love to see people succeed and be the best they can be.”

Morales has been a proud UCF employee for 10 consecutive years and 15 total years. She has worked in many UCF departments, including Career Services & Experiential Learning, Housing & Residence Life and a few regional campuses.

Morales’ work in NSC is unprecedented and inspires many who know her work ethic. According Kirsten Seitz, who is the coordinator of graduate student services in NASSC.

“The work Rebecca has done to establish NASSC has set a standard of excellence for NSC and its student services,” said Seitz. “Our professional and student staff strive to emulate this standard by providing exemplary service to all NSC’s constituents. I am proud to work with Rebecca and am grateful she continues to mentor me.”

Because she’s been “here, there and everywhere” and her status as an alumna, Morales said she was naturally drawn to work in NASSC and serve students.

“You always feel a special connection to the program that you came through,” said Morales, who earned her master’s degree in educational leadership from UCF. “My job is rewarding, now more than ever, because I get to use everything from my experiences and education. My role is evolving, but I’ve always said I never want to be at the point where I can’t work with students.”

NSC’s Deputy Director Boyd Lindsley, Ed.D., stated, “Rebecca plays a pivotal role in NSC; she liaises with faculty, staff and students and serves a key hub in the successful operation of NSC. I am most appreciative of her efforts in support of the school and NSC is most fortunate to have her as part of the team.”