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UCF Journalists Tell Stories in Spanish in New Class

February 7, 2017

Daniel Castrillon rode the bus, like he often did, when the questions started churning.

The UCF student was a Colombian native, although his English was strong, and he wondered how difficult it was for those who only knew Spanish to get around Orlando.

His experience became fodder for a story idea in what is emerging as a unique new class at the University of Central Florida. Castrillon and the other aspiring reporters pitch their story ideas in Spanish and English as they focus on telling stories about the Hispanic community.

“I’m very passionate about my Latino roots. I’m also passionate about journalism,” said student Alexandrea Bozarjian, 20, of Boston, who is half Dominican. “This is the perfect opportunity. You don’t really find classes like this.”

On a recent day, about a dozen students gathered around an oval conference table for their weekly class, holding notebooks and laptops. The class took place in the communication school’s newsroom, amid rows of computers and television screens hanging overhead.

One by one, the students shared their story ideas — like a profile on a top golfer who is a Mexican immigrant or how do Hispanics feel about the recent Women’s March. Castrillon pitched his bus idea and said he started making phone calls to probe deeper.

“That’s a good pitch,” his instructor Katidia Coronado told him.

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