COS Explore

The College of Sciences COS Explore programming is an early warning academic intervention program targeting participating majors within the COS-STEM disciplines. This program is designed to alert students of the minimum major GPA requirements for their chosen degree, educate students on how the major GPA is calculated, encourage those who are not satisfying the major GPA to seek additional counseling and advising, and to offer students a non-judgmental environment to discuss their major selection and develop parallel plans of study to pursue.

COS Mandatory Session Requirements:

To avoid the COS Hold, students must complete two mandatory sessions with the COS Explore Specialists to assist with current academic pathways. Contact if you have questions about these sessions.

Optional Session:

COS Exploration is open to all students with a major in the College of Sciences.  Guidance, campus referrals, and exploration sessions specific to COS are available during fall and spring terms only.  Please call COSAS at 407-823-6131 to schedule a session if you are a COS student and would like to explore your academic pathway options.


What if I’ve been notified that this program is mandatory?

Students are notified via email to their KnightsMail account informing them that they qualify for this program based on their major and major GPA. Those who require the exploration sessions will receive a COS hold after add/drop week if the sessions are not completed by the specified date for the term.  This specified date is provided through the Knights email account.  Please email if you have questions about the provided term dates.

What COS majors participate in mandatory office meeting sessions?

As of the Spring 2014 semester the following majors are participating in the COS Explore programming: Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Science, and Physics.

What if I’ve completed these sessions in the past?

Students that are returning to the COS Explore programming (have completed the COS Mandatory Sessions Hold in one or more previous semesters) are required to complete these two mandatory sessions each term until the major GPA reaches the minimum requirement.  We are dedicated to helping our students maintain personal well-being and balancing academics to remain on track for graduation. We notify students of this requirement each term through the Knight’s email.

What if I changed my major outside of COS and have this Mandatory COS hold on my account?

Students that have changed their major to a major outside of COS can contact to have their hold lifted.

More Information and Scheduling:

To schedule your COS Explore sessions, please contact 407 823 6131. Please note that these sessions cannot be by phone, and will need to take place on the UCF main campus in CSB250.


Students who are on academic probation should consult with COSAS advising before scheduling optional COS Explore sessions, and the Pegasus Planning cannot be satisfied with COS Explore sessions.  Email if you have questions.