This page is for graduation questions for College of Science majors at UCF. 
If you’re unsure, please use the Undergraduate Catalog Program Page to search for the College of your major. 

Are you ready to Graduate?

Before the semester you intend to graduate:

  • Visit your major department advising to ensure you’re on track to graduate next semester.  Request that they review your degree audit, advise you on final classes, and inform you of any exit requirements/exams.
    • Do the same for each minor or certificate, if applicable.
  • Enroll in the required courses to complete your degree for the upcoming semester.
  • Run a degree audit to see if you’ve satisfied all requirements for your degree.
    • If you have a minor, certificate, or double major, the degree audit has a drop-down to view each program separatelyCheck each one. 
    • All your degree requirements should say “Satisfied” (or “Satisfied with future courses”). If they do not, please make an appointment with an advisor.
    • What are the requirements for a College of Science Bachelor’s Degree?
    • Double majors, minors, etc – Make sure all your correct programs appear in your Degree Audit. If there are any errors, contact to add/drop any degree programs.
  • File your Intent to Graduate (ITG) once you are certain you’ve registered for all necessary courses.

Filing Intent to Graduate (ITG)

You should file your Intent to Graduate (ITG) during the semester before you plan to graduate. The window to file is posted on the UCF Academic Calendar.   COSAS may continue to accept ITGs through the first weeks of the term but reserves the right to stop accepting ITGs for a semester once that semester begins.

  • Complete the “Are you Ready to Graduate?” Checklist above.
  • Log into myUCF and navigate to the Student Self Service > Other Academics > Intent to Graduate: Apply, then Follow the directions on the page.
  • Watch your UCF Student email carefully in the following weeks, and review the “After you File…” steps below.

Warning: Only file your ITG if you are certain you have registered for all remaining required courses. Filing ITG prevents you from registering for further courses in future terms. Filing ITG prematurely can delay your graduation.

After Filing Intent to Graduate

Complete these steps during your graduation semester, as you complete your final courses:

  • Speak with your major department regarding any exit exams or other exit requirements.
  • Verify your personal information in myUCF is correct.
    • Navigate to myUCF > Student Self Service > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary to review your information on file.
    • Be sure to review your address, phone number, and email.
  • Fill out the graduation questionnaire at
    • A current degree audit is required to complete this form.
    • This is the graduation questionnaire needed to complete your graduation “Advisor Appointment.”
  • Watch your UCF Student email closely for announcements, requests, and action items from the College of Sciences graduation team.
    • You must check your UCF email address frequently as COSAS will be emailing you periodically about the status of your Intent to Graduate form.
    • Reply promptly to any requests for action.
  • Consider your post-college plans. Consider visiting Career Services for resources on career readiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Graduation

I have a double major. How does that affect graduation?

When you have a double major, you will need to file an Intent to Graduate for each Major. Per the Undergraduate Student Catalog, A student may earn one degree, with two majors, by completing all the requirements for both majors. If either major leads to a BA degree, these requirements include the BA Foreign Language Proficiency requirement. Students earning a double major must use the same Catalog year for both majors. Both majors will be indicated on the diploma.

May I take a course transiently during my graduating term?

No, you cannot be enrolled at another institution during your graduating term. You MUST report all credit you have attempted or earned prior to completing your baccalaureate degree. If you have attempted or earned credit from another institution that does not yet appear in your UCF record, be sure you have requested all transcripts be sent to the UCF Registrar’s Office as soon as possible.

May I take a CLEP test during my graduating term?

No.  You may not add any CLEP tests during your graduating term.

I have a different question.

If you have questions, we encourage you to email us at

How do I withdraw my intent to graduate?

You must complete the COSAS Intent to Graduate Withdrawal Request form if you plan to:

  • Plan to enroll in a course for a subsequent semester
  • Will not satisfy the requirements for your declared program(s)

Students should not complete this form if you plan to:

  • Remove a program (major, minor, or certificate) and graduate with only the completed program(s). In this case, please email from your UCF email account with the programs that you would like to remove.
  • Enroll in another course as a Second-Degree seeking or Non-Degree student after your graduation. Information about this process is located at

Once your request has been received, please allow up to 7 business days for processing. During high peak times, the processing time may be longer. You will receive an email confirmation from once your form is processed to your UCF email account.

COSAS Application to Withdraw Intent to Graduate