The College of Sciences Advising Services Office (COSAS) will make updates here regarding any changes to our services. The FAQs below are only meant to address questions we expect to come up while students are not able to come on campus. More complete information regarding the services below can be found elsewhere on the COSAS website. If you have questions not answered below, please email us at

Please note: COSAS is expected to receive an influx of emails, calls and submitted paperwork, therefore processing and response times may be delayed.

Virtual and In-Person Front Office and Advising:

COSAS Phones

Effective immediately, we are taking calls through our COSAS Virtual Office Zoom. Please call only during the hours listed below. Phone dial in: +1-929-205-6099; Meeting ID: 961 8506 9254# US


The COSAS Front Office, both Virtual and In-Person, will have the following hours for the Fall 2023 semester starting on 9/18/23:
COSAS Virtual Front Office  

Monday/Tuesday:  1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Wednesday/Thursday: 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Friday: CLOSED

COSAS In-Person Front Office

Monday/Tuesday:  8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Wednesday/Thursday: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Friday: 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

If possible, students are asked to please bring a smart device (i.e. laptop, iPad, smart phone) or printed myKnight Degree Audit to the in-person front office advising service.

Students can also make appointments with advisors or get assistance by emailing


  1. Click on the Qualtrics link:
  2. Once the Qualtrics form is completed, the Zoom link will be emailed to your Knight’s Email account.
  3. This will prompt you to download Zoom to your smart device if you have not done so already. The app is FREE but please note that you need to have a microphone enabled to speak with an advisor.
  4. If you are unable to join the Zoom session, please email us at:
  5. To join by phone, dial +1-929-205-6099; Meeting ID: 961 8506 9254# US
Etiquette for your Zoom session with an advisor:
  1. Preparing for your Zoom session:
    • Be ready to provide your UCF ID # and have your degree audit via myUCF Student Center available for your appointment.
      • If you are a non-College of Sciences (COS) student, please have myUCF Student Center available
    • Share with your advisor at the beginning of the appointment if you will have guests participating in the appointment.
    • Remember to adhere to the UCF Code of Conduct as if you are in-person:
    • Choose a location for your session that is private and free of distractions.

Please bring a smart device (i.e. laptop, iPad, smart phone) or printed my Knight Degree Audit to the in-person front office advising service.


I’m a first-year student, who do I contact for advising?

  • Please contact Ben Tran at
  • I have questions regarding General Education & State/University Requirements · Please direct your questions to or your COSAS advisor.

I have questions regarding Major/Core Requirements or schedule planning:

  • Please direct your questions to your departmental advisor.

Please see below a list of COSAS email accounts for proper routing of your questions:

Online Scheduling with a College of Sciences Advisor

***Appointments are currently being offered at a limited availability.***

I should make an appointment with a College of Sciences Advisor when I need help with:

  • Scheduling planning for GEP requisites and common program prerequisites
  • Probation
  • Course withdrawal

How do I a make an appointment with College of Sciences Advisor?

  • You are able to schedule an appointment with a College of Sciences Advisor through your myUCF Student Center > myKnight STAR.
    • You can also directly access myKnight STAR by clicking here.

Please Note: myKnight STAR will only show available appointment times for two weeks out. If no appointments show up to schedule in myKnight STAR, it could be that all advisors are currently booked for two weeks. This may occur during the peak times of the semesters. In this situation, you should check myKnight STAR again for new available appointment times a couple of days later.

Departmental Advising

How do I contact my departmental advisor?
View Departmental advising contacts


Non-SUS Transient forms:

  • Please send form to
  • Submit request to have course evaluated per the instructions below under Course Evaluations.

Florida Shines:


Complete both the College of Sciences application and the University application (please see link below for details on both):


Go to and complete the COS Online for the current term web course if you see it available under “all courses” when you click on “Courses” in the menu on the left. Please plan to meet with your major advisor for mandatory scheduling planning as part of the probation process.

  • If you have a COS hold and do not have access to this web course, please email and through your Knight’s email only. Include your name, PID, and information about your COS hold.
  • If you have a COS hold and switched to a non-COS major, email your new College advising office for assistance in having your COS hold lifted.

Course Evaluation

How do I complete a Course Evaluation for a College of Sciences course?

What is needed to submit a course evaluation?

All of the following:

    • A course syllabus – your evaluation request will be VOIDED if a syllabus is not submitted (A syllabus from the semester you completed the course is preferred)
    • A URL link to the institution’s course catalog (the catalog from the year the course was completed is preferred)
    • A copy of your transcripts, if the course was already completed (unofficial transcripts may be submitted

I have not yet taken or completed the course I wish to have evaluated. Can I still submit a course evaluation request?

  • Yes! Please indicate the correct term you are hoping to take the course. A syllabus and course description are still required; however, transcripts do not need to be submitted.

My syllabus is in a different language, what should I do?

  • COSAS will attempt to translate your syllabus. if your file cannot be translated, we will reach out to you through your ucf email account.

Please contact with any other questions regarding course evaluations.

Where can I get an answer to a question that was not answered above?