October 29, 2019

Why is the Academic Sciences Plan Required?

The Academic Sciences Plan is designed to get students in touch with their major advisor to discuss their coursework for the current semester, plan out what courses are still required to reach graduation, and to develop a plan for the following semester that will allow a student to work towards graduation while improving their GPA requirements.

Download the Academic Science Plan

To complete the plan, students should first contact their departmental advising office (using the contact information listed to the right) for instructions on how to meet with your major/ department advisor. Students should bring a printed copy of the Plan to their advising meeting and work out a suitable schedule for the subsequent term. Have your department advisor sign off on the Plan.

Remember: The Academic Sciences Plan requires both your signature and that of your departmental advisor. Plans that are missing the advisor’s signature will not be accepted.

COS Departments/Faculty Advising Offices