October 29, 2019

College Advising

The College of Sciences Advising Services office (COSAS) provides academic assistance to undergraduate students within the College of Sciences. We strive to efficiently and professionally advise and serve students and the public with clear communication, concerned care, and creative solutions to problems while offering an inclusive and welcoming environment. We help students with matters concerning college and university requirements, policies, and procedures. Students use our services primarily by walk-in or by appointment for advising and special problems.

Typically if you don’t know where to go or who to see your COSAS advisor is often the best place to begin. In addition to the services listed, COSAS advisors also serve as liaisons to the major departments indicated below:


Mrs. Nicole Williams CSB 250 Nicole.Williams@ucf.edu
Ad-PR, Journalism, Media Production and Management (formerly Radio-Television), Digital Media, Film BA, Film BFA, Human Communication, Communication & Conflict
Ms. Summer Bernini CSB 250 Summer.Bernini@ucf.edu
Chemistry, Forensic Science, Political Science, International & Global Studies, Psychology, Statistics, Data Science, Actuarial Science
Mr. Thuong Tran-Thuong CSB 250 Thuong.Tran-Thuong@ucf.edu
Anthropology, Biology, Math, Physics, Social Sciences, Sociology, Undecided Sciences

COSAS Specific Advising Contacts:

Please visit your College Advisor for:

  • Undergraduate Policies and Procedures
  • General Advising/Special Problem Appointment
  • Advisement in General Education Program, Gordon Rule, Foreign Language, University Credit Hour Requirements
  • Advisement for grade forgiveness and course withdrawals
  • Questions about readmission after disqualification and seeking college support.
  • Help with understanding and adjusting your myKnight Degree Audit
  • Course substitutions within the major and minor (Students request these from the department, departments then submit them to COSAS to be entered into audit)
  • Special registration (approved by departments for overrides, overloads, and independent study)
  • Graduation Procedures, Graduation reviews and Pre-graduation letters for employers, etc.
  • Academic Standing and Probation Questions
  • How to begin the course evaluation process
  • How to apply as transient
  • Review of Various Forms (SAP, URA, ARC, ROTC, University Waiver, etc.)

To ask a question or send an advising request immediately please see the form at the bottom of this page.