March 16, 2020

Course Evaluation

How do I complete a Course Evaluation for a College of Sciences course?

What is needed to submit a course evaluation?

All of the following:

    • A course syllabus – your evaluation request will be VOIDED if a syllabus is not submitted (A syllabus from the semester you completed the course is preferred)
    • A URL link to the institution’s course catalog (the catalog from the year the course was completed is preferred)
    • A copy of your transcripts, if the course was already completed (unofficial transcripts may be submitted

I have not yet taken or completed the course I wish to have evaluated. Can I still submit a course evaluation request?

  • Yes! Please indicate the correct term you are hoping to take the course. A syllabus and course description are still required; however, transcripts do not need to be submitted.

My syllabus is in a different language, what should I do?

  • COSAS will attempt to translate your syllabus. if your file cannot be translated, we will reach out to you through your ucf email account.

Please contact with any other questions regarding course evaluations.