November 4, 2019

What to Expect

Normal impressions of one’s sophomore year:

Many sophomores feel:

  • that graduation is a very distant goal
  • they no longer have access to academic resources on campus
  • they are no longer important to the University
  • that their coursework has gotten much more difficult
  • they don’t have the freedom to take the classes they want to take
  • they may have chosen a major that is not a good fit for them and have no “plan B”
  • the “romantic” image of college and college life is dead
  • they must assume more responsibility and are not quite ready
  • they have no idea where to go to get answers
  • there’s no point to the courses they have to take
The reality of one’s sophomore year:

Many sophomores don’t realize:

  • they may already be done with about 1/3 of their undergraduate education
  • every tuition paying student has access to all university resources
  • UCF has hired a record number of advisors to specifically work with sophomore students
  • they have moved on into course work which is preparing them to be leaders in their chosen field
  • many majors have quite a few elective hours built in and you are always free to take some courses “just because”
  • a majority of students switch their major at least once. Speaking with an advisor can help
  • college is hard work but there is always a way to get involved on campus and just have fun
  • developing one’s sense of responsibility is part of the learning process
  • if they’re reading this they’ve already found a channel to every answer they seek
  • every course they take builds a foundation for the next and ultimately leads to one’s academic or career goal