November 6, 2019

Directory Questions

What is Financial Aid and how can I apply for it?

Financial Aid refers both to the specific type of grant, scholarship, loan or other means in which a student is assisted in paying tuition and fees as well as the Office of Financial Assistance which advises and provides these resources. At UCF all financial aid information is managed by the Office of Financial Assistance and no other resource may provide financial information.

Where do I get my Student ID and what is it used for?

The UCF Student ID Card serves as a required form of identification for all students. You will need to present your card to receive the benefits of many services, including sporting events and discounts at the SGA Ticket Office. It also serves as your library card with the UCF Libraries system.The UCF Student ID Card lets you move through campus without cash – and without missing out on anything. Deposited funds can be used for purchases at vending machines, copy machines, computer labs, UCF Bookstore, UCF Health Center, Marketplace/Knightro’s, restaurants, and all on-campus merchants. Many instructors will require proof of identification through the student ID on the first week of classes and when turning in exams, so having your Student ID card available at all times is critical to success at UCF.To find out more information on the UCF Student ID Card visit Card Services.

What is Parking Services/Why do I need a Parking Decal?

Parking Services is the office that manages parking, citations, and the shuttle services within the UCF Main Campus. Students who park a vehicle on the University of Central Florida campus must purchase a parking permit. The registered owner of the permit is responsible for all infractions and penalties attributed to the permit, even if expired. Parking without a permit or a daily pass may lead to holds on a student’s records and traffic citations. For information on obtaining a parking decal visit the Parking Services website.

Who can I contact to get an internship?

Each year, over 20,000 students at UCF participate in experiential learning in co-op, internships, and service-learning courses. This participation assists students to gain practical experience and apply what they learn to real-world problems, and is an excellent opportunity to kick-start personal and professional growth. The first stop for internships should always be your major departmental advising office, but UCF also offers the Office of Experiential Learning for additional opportunities throughout the Central Florida region.

Where can I go for Career Advice?

UCF Career Services contributes to the university’s goal of offering high quality undergraduate and graduate education and student development by providing centralized, comprehensive and coordinated career development, experiential learning and employer relations programs. With semesterly workshops, job fairs, resume assistance, and much more UCF Career Services is often the best place to begin seeking your future career.

Where can I go for tutoring or subject area assistance?

Depending upon the subject area, students have several opportunities for tutoring within the College of Sciences:

  • The University Writing Center (UWC) – The University Writing Center is a campus resource that offers free individual and small-group consultations to UCF students, faculty, staff, and community members, for any writing you do. That includes research papers and other work for UCF classes, research or scholarly writing, resumes and cover letters, graduate school or scholarship applications, presentations, creative writing, and anything else you’re writing.
  • Student Academic Resource Center (SARC) – SARC provides high-quality academic support programs, including tutoring and supplemental instruction, retention programs, academic advising programs, and various other academic programs and services. SARC serves as a means for retention of students and is an important element in enabling UCF students to achieve their academic goals. SARC provides undergraduate students with free individualized and small-group tutoring in accounting, astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and statistics.
  • UCF Math Lab – The purpose of the Math Lab is to provide tutoring for students enrolled in mathematics courses here at UCF. We offer tutoring in the following courses: Finite Mathematics, Explorations in Mathematics, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Business Calculus, Precalculus, Mathematics for Calculus, Calculus I, II, III, and Differential Equations.
Where can I find out about Undergraduate Research?

Participating in undergraduate research will expand your academic experience at UCF. Research is a process of careful inquiry leading to the discovery of new information. Although there are some differences in how research is conducted across disciplines, research is not restricted to certain disciplines and occurs in all programs at UCF. Undergraduate students are currently working on numerous and diverse projects, and you can too! Visit the Office of Undergraduate Research to find out more.

Where can I find out more about Medical, Pharmacy, or Law School?

The mission of the Office of Pre-Health Pre-Law Advising is to provide guidance and support to students interested in pursuing careers in the health and legal professions. OPPA provides information about the field of law and a wide variety of health-related fields such as allopathic (M.D.), osteopathic (D.O.), and veterinary (D.V.M.) medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, chiropractic, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and public health. These careers require academic study in professional school settings beyond the baccalaureate degree, and OPPA assists “Pre-Professional” Students in any undergraduate major by offering academic advising, administrative support, and other activities related to preparing for and applying to professional schools.

Where can I find out more about Graduate Studies?

Students looking to find out more about opportunities for graduate education should speak with their departmental advisor to discuss their goals and the options within their area of study. Should students wish to pursue a graduate degree at UCF the best place to start is the UCF Graduate Studies Office.