November 6, 2019

Graduation Questions

What do I need to do to Graduate?

Students must fulfill both the requirements for the major and the university graduation requirements to receive a degree from the University of Central Florida. Use this checklist and your Degree Audit as a guide in monitoring your progress toward degree requirements.

How do I file my intent to graduate?

In most cases, you will need to file for graduation though MyUCF, complete the COS Gradform, and attend a COSAS graduation workshop. All three of these requirements must be completed in your second-to-last semester, so timing is important! Check out our Graduation page for more specific details.

Where can I find out when the next Graduation Workshop will be?

Once you have filed your intent to graduate you will receive an email informing you about Graduation Workshop dates. Typically, workshops are held a couple of weeks before the semester you will graduate begins.

What is the COS Gradform?

Visit to begin your COS Gradform. This website will help you file the digital paperwork required for you to graduate. This online questionnaire is for our COSAS advisors to review and make sure all requirements are being met. After clicking start, you will be guided through the process. First you will be asked for information regarding yourself, and your major. Then you must agree to the conditions set forth by the College of Sciences. Finally, you will be asked to specify any deficiencies regarding your progress towards graduation.

I've received an email requesting additional information on my intent to graduate, what do I need to do?

Follow the instructions listed on the email. If you have any more questions, please email

I have two or more majors, do I get a diploma for each?

If both majors are within the same college and are of the same degree type (BA or BS), both majors will be indicated on the diploma and you receive one diploma; however, if the majors are from different colleges or are of different degree types, you will only get one diploma and may have the option to decide which major is displayed.

For a double degree a student may earn 2 degrees (and diplomas) by completing the requirements for both majors and earning a minimum of 150 credit hours. If you are a double degree student than you will receive two diplomas; one for each degree.

What is the difference between Double Major and Double Degree?

For a double major a student may earn one degree, a BA or BS, with two majors, by completing the requirements for both majors. Students earning a double major must use the same Catalog year for both majors. For a double degree a student may earn a BA and a BS, by completing the requirements for both majors and earning a minimum of 150 credit hours.

  • A student may earn two diplomas, from any 2 degrees so long as the degrees are earned in separate colleges and a minimum of 150 (or more) credit hours are earned.
  • A student may earn two diplomas, either both BA or both BS, within the same college if allowed by the particular college and a mini­mum of 150 (or more) credit hours are earned.
  • Students earning two degrees may use different Catalog years for each degree. If different Catalog years are used, the general university requirements in the latest of the two catalogs will be applied to both degrees.

Students attempting multiple majors or degrees beyond two must consult with the Registrar’s Office for coordination among degree programs. Responsibility for doing so rests with the student. The stipulations for two majors and/or two degrees will apply as well as other minimum amount of hours and prohibitions about combinations. For more information visit,

Where can I find out more about commencement?

You can find more information about commencement at