May 30, 2024

Resolving Registration Errors

Click on the error to display tips for resolving it.

If you’ve completed the prerequisite course at another institution or via test credit, you may request a temporary override to register while your transcripts are still being processed. Complete the appropriate Override form (College of Science Courses or ENC 1102). Proceed with registering your other courses and keep an eye on your email for a reply. Overrides do not waive the prereq requirement; they allow registration while your pending transcripts enter the UCF system.
Only Certain Majors may take classes on the downtown campus. If you receive this error, your Major is not among them; Choose a different section. All downtown courses have section numbers ending in the 70’s. They also commonly are in locations “DPAC”, “UWXV”, or “CMB”. In class details, they say “Downtown”.
If a course ends in the letter “H”, you must be an Honors College student to enroll. Honors enrollment occurs when you first apply for admission. If you are interested in applying as an Honors student in the future, save or bookmark to contact the program after your orientation.
Click on the section link from your shopping list. Make sure “Waitlist if full” is selected. Try enrolling again.
You have exceeded the maximum allowable number of credit hours for one semester. For Fall & Spring, 12 hours is full-time, and the maximum is 17 hours. For Summer, 6 hours is full-time, and the maximum is 14 hours.
You have chosen two classes whose times overlap. Consider 1) does either course have other sections? 2) If not, is either course is an important prerequisite for later courses in your major?