November 15, 2019

5. How well do you feel you can balance school with your other commitments?

A) I rarely have a problem fitting all of my commitments comfortably into my schedule.

You are on track to pursuing and achieving your academic goals! Refer to the yellow card that you will receive at Orientation if you need assistance from your COSAS advisor, or refer to your degree audit to find contact information for your major advising office. Be sure to pay attention to emails that you receive through your Knight’s email from COSAS.

B) Sometimes my academic performance suffers because of too many things going on in my life.

Remember: Life will continue to happen while you attend UCF. There are certain events and personal circumstances that can heavily impact your academics. It is important that you seek guidance from your COSAS Advisor once you begin to recognize those signs. The University has policies in place to assist in some extenuating circumstances when “life” interferes with academics.

C) I am concerned about being able to continue with my education.

Remember that your educational transcript is a permanent record, and does not “refresh” after 7 years like a credit report. If this is not the time to start on a good track, you may be putting your academic future in jeopardy. You should make an appointment with your COSAS advisor prior to the Withdrawal Deadline of your first term for guidance. Refer to the yellow card that you will receive at Orientation for COSAS contact information.