November 15, 2019

4. How satisfied are you with your academic performance at your former institution(s)?

A) I did well in the classroom and expected grades that I'm happy with which will advance my education.

Great! To maintain this pattern, be sure to connect with either your major advising office or COSAS once a term to ensure that you are staying on track. Be sure to pay attention to emails that your COSAS advisor sends you. Remember, policies differ between institutions.

B) I didn't have a problem with the course material but am struggling to get the work done.

Life will continue to happen while you attend UCF. There are certain events and personal circumstances that can heavily impact your academics. It is important that you seek guidance from your COSAS Advisor once you begin to recognize those signs. The University has policies in place to assist in some extenuating circumstances when “life” interferes with academics.

C) I struggled with maintaining a 'C' average.

If you are transferring in with an A.A. degree or you have completed the general education requirements, keep in mind that you will now be able to focus more on taking mostly (if not all) major-related courses, which should hold your focus if you are in a major that you enjoy. If your Major G.P.A. begins to decline, you should contact COS Explore or Career Services to explore alternative majors.