November 15, 2019

1. My commitment to my currently declared major is:

A) I know I will graduate from UCF with this major.

If you have questions about your major while at UCF, refer to your Degree Audit through MyUCF for Major-Advising contact information.

B) I am likely to change my major.

If you are unsure of your major at this time contact Career Services to schedule an appointment with a Career Services Counselor. If you plan to remain in the College of Sciences you may contact COSAS for an appointment with a Professional Advising within the College of Sciences.

C) Graduating with this major is not my highest priority right now.

It is important to understand the G.P.A. structure at UCF, and how your first term’s grades at UCF can have a long-lasting affect. ONLY the UCF G.P.A. determines your academic standing at UCF. If you, for instance, take two 3 credit hour courses and earn a “C” and a “C-” in your first term, you will have ended your first semester at UCF on academic probation (UCF probation policy on page 60 in the current on-line undergraduate catalog states “Action taken when a student’s UCF cumulative GPA drops below 2.0. Academic Probation will continue until the current term and UCF cumulative GPA reach 2.0 or better.)

Please note that your Overall transferring G.P.A. has no effect on your academic standing at UCF. If, however, you earn an “A” in both courses used in the above example, you will have ended your first semester at UCF with a 4.0 G.P.A., leaving some room to earn a few C’s in your future at UCF.

It would benefit you to schedule an appointment with your COSAS Advisor prior to the Add/Drop deadline of your first term for guidance in planning your transition.