May 17, 2022

Available Major Documents for Accelerated and AA Students:

For schedule planning these are most helpful if you if you are accelerated (a lot of incoming credit) or have your AA and need to find some additional courses.

If you are still working on GEP, review those options first with an advisor.

These documents are also found in your Pre-Orientation module for access beyond orientation.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science Brochure

Advertising-Public Relations

Advertising-Public Relations Freshman Orientation Packet


Anthro BA Info Presentation


Biology Roadmaps 

Biology Freshman Orientation Pre-Req Cheat Sheet

Chemistry BS

Chemistry Orientations Summer and Fall 2022

Communication and Conflict

Communication and Conflict Freshman Orientation Packet

Data Science


Digital Media

Digital Media Freshman Orientation Packet

Film BA & BFA

Film Freshman Orientation Packet

Forensic Science

Forensic PowerPoint for Orientations Summer 2022

Forensics Classes Flowchart

Forensic Science Biochemistry Track

Forensic Science Chemistry Track

Human Communication

Human Communication Freshman Orientation Packet

International and Global Studies

SPSIA Orientation Book – 2022


Journalism Freshman Orientation Packet


B.S. Degree Program in Mathematics-First Two Years Plan-V2

UCF Mathematics Undergraduate Courses Flowchart (updated 2022)

Mathematics Tracks Summer 2022

Media Production and Management

Media Production and Management Freshman Orientation Packet




2022 Psychology BS Checklist

Political Science

SPSIA Orientation Book – 2022

Social Sciences

BS Checklist (2022)

Social Sciences-Orientation Guide (2022)


Sociology Quick Reference (2022)

Sociology Course Planning Sheet (2022)

Sociology Restricted Electives (2022)


Statistics Brochure