Distinguished Speaker Series:

Patrick Bohlen

Jennifer Elliot

Patrick Bohlen, Ph.D.
Professor, Director-Landscape and Natural Resources and Arboretum

Jennifer Elliot, M.S.
Assistant Director, UCF Arboretum

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.
Tuscawilla Country Club
1500 Winter Springs Blvd.,
Winter Springs, FL 32708

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Abstract:  Urbanization is one of the greatest human impacts on the environment, and the rapid expansion of urban populations globally will put increasing pressure on native species and ecosystems.  One of the grand challenges in environmental science is developing the scientific knowledge and approaches needed to design and manage habitats that can sustain both biodiversity and human activities.  Cities are ideal places to address these challenges because they bring together extreme alteration of the environment with the opportunity to sustain native species and habitats.

This presentation will focus on how the UCF Arboretum program educates people on the importance of nature in urban environments, provides opportunities for students to engage in nature study and gardening, and demonstrates techniques for supporting biodiversity and conservation goals through management of the UCF campus.

Biography:  Patrick Bohlen is the Director of Landscape and Natural Resources (LNR) and Arboretum, and professor of biology at UCF.  He received his Ph.D. in entomology from Ohio State University, and he has done ecological research on a range of topics including soil ecology, wetland ecology, and water quality, in a variety of temperate and subtropical ecosystems.  He is currently interested in the impact of urbanization on natural systems, and incorporating ecological principles into urban design and management to support biodiversity and conservation.  Dr. Bohlen oversees the campus landscape and gardens and the Arboretum, which provides opportunities for relevant, experience-based learning, urban ecology research and opportunities for people to connect with nature.

Jennifer Elliott came to Orlando from south Florida to pursue a degree in biology at the UCF in 2002.  The majority of her work as both an undergraduate and graduate student focused on marine turtle biology, ecology and habitat conservation. After graduating with a Master’s of Science in Biology, Jennifer took the position as Coordinator of Land Management Programs with UCF Landscape and Natural Resources, and in 2016 she became Assistant Director of the Arboretum. In this position she oversees management of UCF’s 800 acres of natural lands and assists with leadership of the Arboretum program.