Dean’s Advisory Council

Each department may elect one voting member of the tenured or tenure-earning faculty who is not the department chair or a member of the dean’s office staff to serve on the Advisory Council and notify the dean’s office of its choice early in the fall semester. Council members shall be elected to serve two-year terms and may serve up to a maximum of six years. The Dean will serve as chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council.



Department Name Phone Email Term
Anthropology Beatriz Reyes-Foster 407-823-2206 2017-2019
Biology Will Crampton 407-823-0915 2018-2020
Chemistry Stephen Kuebler  407-823-3720 2018-2020
Communication Melissa Dodd 407-823-4539 2018-2020
Mathematics Alexandru Tamasan  407-823-2228 2017-2019
Physics Joshua Colwell  407-823-2012 2017-2019
Political Science Mark Schafer 407-823-3328 2017-2019
Psychology Mark Ehrhart 2018-2020
Sociology Lin Huff-Corzine 407-823-5680 2018-2020
Statistics David Nickerson 407-823-5528 2017-2019