Faculty Senate Representatives

One tenure-earning or tenured faculty holding the rank of assistant professor, associate professor or professor or general faculty of comparable rank with multi-year appointments is to be elected by each department as its Senate representative. Assistant (non-visiting) professors, associate professors and professors, including chairs or general faculty of comparable rank with multi-year appointments are eligible to serve.  The remaining senators will be elected at large by the college. No administrators above the level of chair may serve as a senator.  Senators are elected to two-year staggered terms.


Departmental Representatives

Department Name Phone E-mail Term
Anthropology John Walker 407-823-3798 John.Walker@ucf.edu 2016-2018
Biology Linda Walters 407-823-2124 Linda.Walters@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Chemistry Dmitry Kolpashchikov 407-823-6752 Dmitry.Kolpashchikov@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Communication Ann Miller 407-823-1711 Ann.Miller@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Mathematics Yuanwei Qi 407-823-2810 Yuanwei.Qi@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Physics Joseph Harrington  407-823-5860 jh@Physics.ucf.edu 2016-2018
Political Science Myunghee Kim 407-823-2608 Myunghee.Kim@ucf.edu 2016-2018
Psychology Michael Dunn 407-823-2522 Michael.Dunn@ucf.edu 2016-2018
Sociology  J. Scott Carter 386-506-4047 Carter@ucf.edu  2017-2019
Statistics Xin Yan 407-823-5530 Xin.Yan@ucf.edu 2016-2018


At Large Representatives

Department Name Phone E-mail Term
Communication Jennifer Sandoval  407-823-1711 Jennifer.Sandoval@ucf.edu  2017-2019
Communication Timothy Sellnow 407-823-3143 Timothy.Sellnow@ucf.edu 2016-2018
Communication Melissa Dodd 407-823-4539 Melissa.Dodd@ucf.edu 2016-2018
Political Science Jonathan Knuckey 407-823-2608 Jonathan.Knuckey@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Sociology John Lynxwiler  321-433-7886 John.Lynxwiler@ucf.edu 2016-2018