Promotion and Tenure Committee

The committee will be composed of one tenured member from each department in the college, at the rank of professor, where available. Members shall be elected by a majority vote of tenured and tenure-earning faculty in each department, excluding the department chair, dean and assistant and associate deans. No committee member may be a member of the department or university promotion and tenure committees. Members will serve two year, staggered terms.  No committee member may serve two successive terms.



Department Name Phone E-mail Term
Anthropology Ty Matejowsky 407-823-4611 2016-2018
Biology Ross Hinkle 407-823-5102 2017-2019
Chemistry Florencio Hernandez 407-823-0843 2017-2019
Communication Deanna Sellnow 407-823-3144 2016-2018
Mathematics Deguang Han  407-823-2163 2017-2019
Physics Dan Britt 407-823-2600 2016-2018
Political Science Michael Mousseau 2017-2019
Psychology Janan Smither 407-823-5859 2017-2019
Sociology Lin Huff-Corzine 407-823-5680 2016-2018
Statistics David Nickerson 407-823-5528 2017-2019