Teaching Incentive Program Awards (TIP) Selection Committee

The committee of regular faculty will be composed of one member from each department in the college, to be elected by each department during the academic year, rather than in the previous spring.   The chair will be elected annually by the committee members from its membership.  A quorum will consist of a majority of the members. No more than one member will serve from a single department. Members will serve a term of one-year and may be reelected in succeeding years.



Department Name Phone E-mail
Anthropology Sandra Wheeler 407-823-3769 Sandra.Wheeler@ucf.edu
Biology Walter Sotero  407-823-4848 wsotero@ucf.edu
Chemistry Melanie Beazley  407-823-2171 Melanie.Beazley@ucf.edu
Communication Sally Hastings  407-823-2850 Sally.Hastings@ucf.edu
Political Science Houman Sadri 407-823-6023 Houman.Sadri@ucf.edu
Psychology Mustapha Mouloua 407-823-2910 Mustapha.Mouloua@ucf.edu
Sociology Elzbieta Sikorska-Simmons 407-823-2601 Elzbieta.Sikorska@ucf.edu
Statistics Kathleen Suchora 407-823-2832 Kathleen.Suchora@ucf.edu