Undergraduate Curriculum and Standards Committee

The committee will be composed of one member from each department in the college, to be elected by each department. A representative from the dean’s office will be appointed to chair the committee. A quorum will consist of a majority of the members. Except for the chair, no more than one member will serve from a single department. Members will serve two-year, staggered terms.



Department Name Phone E-mail Term
Anthropology Stacy Barber 407-823-2207 SarahStacy.Barber@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Biology Eric Hoffman 407-823-2495 Eric.hoffman@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Chemistry Michael Hampton 407-823-0635 Michael.Hampton@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Communication Michelle Dusseau 407-823-5545 Michelle.Dusseau@ucf.edu 2018-2020
Mathematics 2018-2020
Physics Chris Velissaris 407-823-1885 Chris.Velissaris@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Political Science Terri Fine 407-823-3636 Terri.Fine@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Psychology Alisha Janowsky 407-823-2568 Alisha.Janowsky@ucf.edu 2017-2019
Sociology Amy Donley  407-823-1457 Amy.Donley@ucf.edu 2018-2020
Statistics Daniel Inghram 407-823-2180 Daniel.Inghram@ucf.edu 2018-2020