The graduation ceremony takes place at the end of each semester in the UCF Arena, located on the main, Orlando campus.

The official commencement dates are found on the University Registrar’s Website. Please see this website for specific information regarding dates, times, ticket distributions, and Cap & Gown ordering. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of their website for all processes and procedures related to commencement.

All graduates of the College of Sciences will walk with the College of Sciences ceremony.

Commencement Guide

About a month after the start of each semester, the Registrar’s Office publishes a comprehensive Commencement Guide (found on the Commencement website). This guide provides extensive, detailed information about the graduation ceremony, tickets (when they are available), regalia (how to order/purchase), hotel accommodations, viewing options, and much more…

Tickets and Regalia

The UCF Bookstore, located next to the UCF arena, coordinates tickets and regalia information.


Students are normally issued five guest tickets (you do not need a ticket, yourself). Check the commencement website for the actual number. Tickets are available to you based on your cap and gown order.

Doctoral students are provided guest tickets that allow reserved seating (close to the arena floor and near the stage). Doctoral students will pick up their tickets from the university’s Office of Constituent Relations in Millican Hall (rm. 396).

How do I get more tickets?

If you need extra tickets, it’s first worth asking your graduating classmates if they will need all of their tickets, and each semester there is a lottery for additional tickets. Any extra tickets obtained through the lottery are for general seating. Please contact the UCF bookstore or refer to the Commencement Guide (when available) for more information.


Cap, gown, and hood are ordered through the university bookstore’s representative: Hreff Jones. Each semester, an online order system is made available, and you can order your regalia through about mid-term. You can also order your regalia in person from the bookstore.

If you are interested in purchasing your regalia, we recommend placing this order in person at the bookstore so you are able to review robe options and ensure correct measurements.

Check the Registrar’s Commencement Website (see: Official Regalia – Cap & Gown Order) for more information about ordering regalia and the deadline for placing rental orders.

Doctoral Graduates

Doctoral students who attend the commencement ceremony are hooded by their major advisor (or advisors, if you have co-chairs) and the Dean of the Graduate College. If your major advisor is not able to attend your ceremony, you can select from your committee or ask another faculty member or the Chair of your department to hood you at the ceremony.

Your advisor will be contacted prior to the commencement ceremony and provided instructions about the hooding ceremony.

What do I do if I have a co-chair (two chairs) who I would also like to hood me?

If you have a dissertation co-chair, he or she can also participate in your doctoral hooding. When you file your intent to graduate, please note both Advisor 1 (your chair) and Advisor 2 (your co-chair). Both of them will receive an e-mail communication regarding the student and hooding ceremony.

… but what if I forgot to indicate my co-chair when I filed my intent to graduate?

If you forgot to include an Advisor 2 (your co-chair), then you can e-mail and request that that person be added as your co-chair to also participate in the hooding.

You will receive an e-mail from the Graduate College with information about the ceremony, the hooding, as well as confirmation of the names of the advisors hooding.